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John Hildreth

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John Hildreth's first motorcycle was a 1964 Harley-Davidson Pacer, bought new when he was fourteen years old. Riding, racing and working on that bike nurtured a life-long enthusiasm for motorcycles that continues, unabated today, and is best summed up when he says, "The worst day on a motorcycle is better than any day in a car."

After stints as an assembler of racing fuel injection systems for drag and Indy cars, automotive engine re-building, and a machinist, John returned to the motorcycle industry in 1983. He worked for various dealerships before settling back with Harley-Davidson in 1989. John has spent considerable time during the past thirteen years designing, building and testing performances packages specifically for Harleys. In 1989, he helped build a 1600 cc Sportster which set a World Land/Speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. He also designed and built an 80-inch FXRP EVO for the 1994 IRON BUTT Endurance Ride. The bike and rider completed the rigorous 1000-miles-per-day, 10-day straight run without a breakdown, and finished with a 2nd Place Overall Silver Medal. 1995-96 saw him as the designer, builder, and crew chief of a Sportster in the 883 Road Racing circuit in the Pacific Northwest. His rookie rider finished 3rd overall in the season's points race. In addition, he spent four years designing and building street and drag racing bikes for customers in Hawaii before moving to northern Alabama. John currently works with Alabama Harley-Davidson in the greater Huntsville, Alabama area, providing performance packages and custom designed motors for customers throughout the Southeastern United States.

John prefers to custom design performance packages based on a rider's individual style and riding needs as opposed to the "one-size-fits-all" or "bigger-is-better" philosophy prevalent in the industry today. He has extensive experience with computer-aided engine and camshaft design programs, head and combustion chamber re-configuration using a Super Flow flow bench to achieve maximum results, and dynamometer testing of his packages with both DynoJet and Super Flow dynos. His education credentials include current Harley PHD certification and Twin-Cam factory school in addition to Super Flow engine building seminars, a wide variety of electronics, carburetion and advanced technical courses, and CNC machining programming.

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