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John Hildreth

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What People are Saying About Hildreth Performance

"I bought a Night Train in March 2003. After riding it for a few days, I knew that it needed more power. I put a pipe, airbox and jet kit on the bike and the power went from 58 HP up to 74 HP and torque was increased from70 ft/lbs to 83 ft/lbs. This was better than stock but wasn't enough for me. I decided to go to a 1550 kit with cams and ported heads and I wanted to get at least 100 HP and 100 ft/lbs out of the motor. I had John Hildreth of HILDRETH PERFORMANCE port my heads and do a valve job for the higher lift cams because I have seen his work and run many of the bikes he has built on the dyno and have seen impressive numbers come from the combinations he has designed. I assembled the motor with HILDRETH PERFORMANCE HEADS and the bike is indeed making 101.6 HP and 101 ft/lbs of torque at the Dyno Shootout at the Lynchburg Rally in June 2003. I was beat by ½ a horsepower by a 113 S&S motor with a dual Mikuni carburetor setup. The Mikuni carburetor setup alone cost more than my complete motor build and his motor is 18 cubic inches larger than my motor. I couldn't be more satisfied out of my motor and with a little more ignition tuning, I should find at least 5-8 more horsepower out of my bike and I haven't given up any reliability. I am having fun on my Harley now!"

-- Cap Lillard
Madison, AL

"Installation of HILDRETH PERFORMANCE HEADS was a lot easier than I expected and I had a lot of fun doing it myself. Even though I'm still in the break-in period, I can already feel a difference in performance."

-- Joe Aiken
Hartselle, AL

"I bought a Heritage Softtail, my first Harley, about six years ago. I started riding with friends and it was obvious my bike just couldn't keep up with the group. Their bikes were in all different levels of performance upgrades, so I asked John to get me more power to keep up. He designed a HILDRETH PERFORMANCE package for me and now my friends can't stay up with me. The motor has run perfectly ever since. What an improvement!"

-- Gary Viernes
Honolulu, HI

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